onnaught Oil & Gas Ltd. is a Calgary based, petroleum and natural gas exploration, development and production company with operations in the United Kingdom,Western Canada and the USA. Operations in the United Kingdom are conducted through two wholly owned operating subsidiaries; Rathlin Energy Limited and Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited. Operations in the USA are conducted through Connaught Energy Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary.

Connaught was incorporated on October 15, 2009 as part of the corporate transaction in which a predecessor company, Connaught Energy Limited, was acquired by Legacy Oil + Gas Ltd. (formerly Glamis Resources Ltd.)

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In 2008, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (“DECC”) awarded Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited, Connaught’s wholly owned subsidiary, an onshore licence to search for oil and gas north of the River Humber.  This area of east Yorkshire is crossed by pipelines carrying gas from the North Sea and Europe to fuel the energy needs of the population and industry locally and beyond in England and Wales.  Gas is also stored underground for the UK market at Aldbrough and near Hornsea.

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Northern Ireland

For over a decade staff of Rathlin Energy Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Connaught, has studied the geology of Northern Ireland convinced there was the potential for an indigenous energy industry based on local oil and gas.  In 2008, Rathlin Energy Limited and its partner drilled an oil exploration well at Ballinlea where light oil was indeed discovered.

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North America

Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd. holds various oil and gas rights in southern Alberta and Montana.

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Northern Ireland

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